Botulinum toxin injection dermatological treatments

It’s not worth going to the doctor over? If this sounds familiar, we have the dermatological treatment for you

The Minato Shiba Clinic has started non-insurance botulinum toxin injection dermatological treatments.

The symptoms where botulinum toxin injections are most effective and details on treatment methods

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

This is a symptom where a person’s hands and feet, armpits, face and other areas of the body sweat profusely like a waterfall, leaving underwear and clothing drenched in sweat.
(Note that hyperhidrosis caused by illnesses such as hyperthyroidism is outside the scope of botulinum toxin injection treatments)

Body odor

Body odor refers to strong odors caused by sweat secreted from the apocrine sweat gland.
Body odor varies greatly from individual to individual based on their ethnic group, body type and various other factors.

-> Directly injecting botulinum toxin, which works by inhibiting sweat secreted from the sweat glands, into the armpits helps inhibit the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, curtailing the amount of sweat produced.

-> As an extremely low amount of botulinum toxin is used in each injection, the area each injection covers is around 0.5 cm ~ 1 cm. This means to completely cover the armpit, 10 to 20 injections are needed depending on the individual.

-> Botox injections are immediately effective, and you should be able to notice an effect immediately after injection, if not three to four days at the absolute latest.
However, it is important to remember that botox treatments are symptomatic treatments, and further treatment is required if symptoms reappear.



As suggested by the name, “bruxism (a pernicious habit for teeth gnashing)”, describes a habit that is part of one’s daily life.
Teeth grinding during sleep is a particularly prevalent issue, leading to the teeth getting worn down and a lack of quality sleep.

-> Teeth grinding mostly occurs due to an abnormal contraction of the masticatory muscle.
When this is sustained over an extended period of time it can lead to the development of masticatory muscle in the jaw and a noticeably defined angle of the mandible.

-> Injecting botulinum toxin into the masticatory muscle relaxes the masticatory muscle, alleviating teeth grinding.
At the same, it can also produce the impression of a smaller face and alleviate being square-jawedness.

Drooping eyelids

Increased tension on the orbicular muscle in the face can lead to a dominance of muscles used for closing the eyes over those used to open the eyes, producing a look of drooping eyelids.
This may even effect a person’s field of vision.

This can also be an aftereffect of facial paralysis or a stroke.
-> Increased tension on the orbicular muscle in the face can lead to a dominance of muscles used for closing the eyes over those used to open the eyes, leading to drooping eyelids.

-> Injecting botulinum toxin in the area around the eye can help balance the muscles used to open and close the eyes.
* However, in cases where drooping eyelids are caused by a sagging of the skin at a certain age, paralyzing the orbicular muscle in the face may exacerbate the sagging of the skin, making botulinum toxin injections inadvisable.

Botulinum toxin injection dermatological treatment fees

Scope of treatment Treatment costs
Hyperhidrosis (forehead) 15,000 yen
Hyperhidrosis (forehead) 40,000 yen
Bruxism (one side) 20,000 yen
Drooping eyelids (one side) 10,000 yen

* All fees are <tax inclusive>.
* Credit card and electronic money payments will incur a 3% service fee.